Abstracts of All presented studies will be published in the Abstract Book of the Conference.

Attention We recommend to participants to submit their papers to following journals. The indicated journals do not promise to publish the conference papers. Only after qualified peer review the high quality papers will be published in the journals according to editor decison of the journal.

Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology(SCI-E)
Ramanujan journal of Mathematical Society(SCI-E)
Open Mathematics(SCI-E)
Forum Mathematicum(SCI-E)
International Journal of Nonlinear Science and Applications(SCI-E)
Boundary Value Problems(SCI-E)
Israel Journal of Mathematics(SCI-E)
Open Physics(SCI-E)

Sigma Journal of Engineering and Natural Sciences(ESCI, Web of Science)
New Trends in Mathematical Sciences(Math. Sci, zbMATH)
Malaya Journal of Mathematics(Math. Sci, zbMATH)